300 benami assets of netas in Kolkata under I-T departmentís lens

The Income Tax department of the Kolkata circle has prepared a list of some 300 benami properties belonging to some quite influential sections of the society. This list has been prepared by a special unit of the IT department called Benami Properties Unit (BPU) to identify and probe such assets. The names in the list include those of politicians and some top businessmen in the city.

According to the Benami Properties Act that came into force some six months ago, government agencies can confiscate the properties and prosecute the Benamidaar (the person in whose name the property has been purchased).

A number of these 300 benami properties identified are located in south Kolkata and they have been taken in the name of associates of these policians or businessmen.

It is expected that the next course of action by the IT Dept, as per the law, would be confiscation of these properties and prosecution of the owners. Raids are also expected once the ongoing investigation comes to an end.

Written by The Realty Paper

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