Amrapali Group directors to submit Rs 94 cr by March 1


All the directors of the Amrapali Group of companies are required to submit Rs 94 cr with the apex court by March 1, as per the order of Supreme Court on Thursday.  The order follows the allegations that money was lent to these directors by various group companies.


The SC also sought explanation from Anil Kumar Sharma, chairman of the company regarding transfers made in favour of various family members from the funds of the company.  It also directed the auditors of JP Morgan to be present on the next date of hearing and handover the agreement they had with Amrapali in relation to the Zodiac project.


In January 2019, the forensic auditors pointed out that there are some discrepancies in the investment made by JP Morgan in Amrapali Zodiac which they would like to further investigate.


According to the auditors, peons bought share of companies worth crore and were probably involved in the transaction with JP Morgan. It was alleged that JP Morgan had invested Rs 85 cr by purchasing Amrapali's share against which it received Rs 140 cr by selling them to the sister companies of the realty firm.


The court asked Sharma to disclose the identity of a person, who had bought company's shares worth Rs 140 cr from JP Morgan


Upon request of NBCC India, the SC also released a sum of Rs 1 cr to complete the project Eden Park.


The SC also appointed a valuer and asked him to prepare a report of the unsold inventory by the next date of hearing.


The matter will next be heard on February 28. 

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