BMC to issue stop work notices to 40 builders in Mumbai


The BMC is deliberating over issuing stop work notices to some 40 builders found to be not following the debris dumping conditions. In the last six months, the BMC has inspected 134 building construction and debris dumping sites. Officials said while most of the builders were on right side of the law, a few were found flouting them. 


In March, the apex court had lifted a Bombay high court ban on new constructions in Mumbai for six months and asked BMC to file a compliance report. The Supreme Court's six-month relief ended on Sunday and BMC decided not to issue new construction permission, except for redevelopment and slum rehabilitation schemes, till further court order.


Builders submitted a total of 1,324 applications for new construction work in the last six months. During the period, the BMC adopted various measures to ensure that the construction debris does not reach the city's dumping grounds.


The BMC also framed guidelines and a mechanism to ensure this. Builders are supposed to visit random sites to find place for dumping their construction debris and take the land owner's consent to do so. They need to submit the dumping site details to the BMC, after which civic officials inspect the sites and issue permission. Later, civic officials also visit the sites to check if builder is following the rule- dumping the debris only there.


An official said that in some cases builders did not submit the required documents related with debris dump by them. Some have dumped debris at sites other than what they have communicated to the BMC. The civic body decided to issue them stop work notice after asking them explanation. 


An official said, "For instance a builder provided us site for dumping his debris but afterwards he failed to produce debris transportation invoice along with the vehicles GPS to prove that debris has been transported to the designate spot. Although we found that some debris had been dumped on the site, it could be by someone else also. We insisted that the builder submit the vehicle's details to prove that he took the debris to designated sites."


Officials stated that builders are not taking chance, as such 'minor' violations affect their entire project. But some time truck drivers can play mischief to avoid travelling far away dumping sites and dump debris randomly. "So we put several checks and balances, including asking for vehicles GPS log books."


In March, 2016, the high court had imposed a ban on all new constructions, except redevelopment and slum rehabilitation schemes, as the city's landfills were saturated. Subsequently, the concerned parties approached the Supreme Court for relief.


On March 16, 2018, the SC granted a conditional relief for six months. One of the conditions was that the BMC should, while issuing preliminary permission (intimation of disapproval, or IOD) make it mandatory for builders to identify sites for dumping the debris generated during excavation work or building construction and repair work.

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