Builders in Gurugram favoured in land exchange policy: Councillors


In the MCG’s House meeting on Monday, councillors pointed out that the officials were favouring developers by allotting land under the land exchange policy. The urban local bodies had put in place a policy mechanism in 2017 for MCG to exchange the land under revenue ‘rastas’ with private developers in lieu of equal land of equal value. The move came after MCG realised that many of their revenue ‘rastas’ were not being utilised as they are in societies. 


Once the policy was implemented, MCG received a number of proposals from the developers looking to purchase land in front of or within their societies in lieu of land in some other areas. One such proposal — seeking land in Sector 67, Badshapur — has become a centre point for controversy.


Subhash Singh, the councillor of ward 25, alleged, “The developer has asked for a small portion of land to build an approach road, but this will affect another six acres of land. We are asking the MCG to sell him the entire six acres. But unfortunately, MCG officials are trying to favour the developer,” Singh said. 


Many other councillors alleged that the corporation was letting developers pay a lot less for land under the policy. Mahesh Dayma, councillor of ward 30, said that their only intention for their protest is they don’t want MCG to suffer any monetary loss.


Dayma added that a similar case came up in his ward in Sector 62, Ghata. “One of the developers is seeking around 4,000 square yards in very prime area worth Rs 50 cr, whereas there is no details of the land they will give in exchange. There are reports of wrongdoings in transfer of land under this system and we will not let that happen,” Dayma said. 


MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav, however, refuted the allegations and said that the policy mandates that the land taken in exchange has to be of the same value. “The policy clearly states that the land can be transferred only when the land being given by the developer in exchange is of the same value hence there is no scope of any contingencies,” Yadav said. 


He however added that the cases raised by the councillors will be looked into again and the matter has been deferred to the next house meeting. 

Written by The Realty Paper

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