Building plan approval for individual homes in 5 days in Haryana

Grant of approval for building plans in private developer areas (licensed colonies) of Gurugram and rest of the state of Haryana is about to become simpler and quicker. As per its self-certification policy, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) has issued direction to dispose applications for building plan approval for individual houses within five working days.

Earlier, getting approval for building would mean making several rounds of the DTCP office, and then wait for several weeks, sometimes even months, for approval to come through. Concerned over the huge backlog and harassment faced by people, the department has decided to cut down the time taken in processing of building plan approval applications, and speed up the process. According to an official, directions have come from Chandigarh to clear pending cases of building plan approval. On an average, DTCP receives applications for approval of 10 building plans per day in Gurgaon, ie, 300 a month.

Residents will also get to know the status of their application without much hassle. “All officials have been directed to “positively” dispose building plans submitted under self-certification policy for individual houses, within five days. This means should the application warrant technical approval, rejection or an observation (for changes), it shall be conveyed at one go within the five days, failing which, strict action will be taken,” said district town planner (DTP) R S Batth, adding he will monitor the status of building plans and review progress every Friday.

Planning officer Jaibir Sharma said under the self-certification policy (for individual houses), DTCP checks only four parameters — FAR (floor area ratio), height of building, ground coverage and fees and charges, before approving or rejecting the application. It is very much possible to check these four things within five working days, feels Sharma. The move is intended to ensure that the public gets their work done without any trouble, while also eliminating middleman from the process and delivering the status of applications on time. “If anyone faces any issue, they should approach me or the department via SMS or e-mail ,” said Batth, adding they have been received several complaints on delays in approval.


Batth said the chief minister has issued clear direction to all departments to ensure transparency and honesty. CCTV cameras are being installed in the department. A new culture is being developed where people do not face any issues while dealing with the department.

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