Centre's nod to coastal zone plan of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai in 15 days: Maharashtra CM


Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the coastal zone management plan(CZMP) of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is expected to get the final approval from the Centre in 15 days' time. The Ministry of Environment had asked state for error-free final plan by end of 2013, but the state was going too slow on this matter. Ultimately in 2015, NGO Vanshakti asked for publication of final map and in 2018 after much delay, state released CZMP of all districts except Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. 


As a result, the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority were not authorised to do meetings as there was no CZMP. The courts had also said that violations done with old maps could not be regularised. Consequently, a number of real estate projects in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai are stuck.


The CM was speaking about this matter in the Legislative Assembly on Friday. The Opposition had charged that many changes were done at the government level, but the Chief Minister denied it. He said that a total of 2000 changes were done and only 14 were done at the government level.


The CM said that some amendments were done by the state and 42 acres of open space were created in Mumbai. The Opposition said that Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta had been given sweeping powers for the Development Plan but Fadnavis said that these powers had been given to correct the DP.


Fadnavis said that only 30 percent of Mumbai could be redeveloped and no development can happen on the rest. Hence a decision to give 5 FSI to commercial structures had to be taken. "It was observed that residential flats were costlier than commercial ones and hence more FSI had to be given to commercial as office space had to be created as jobs are decreasing in Mumbai and one can't turn it into an industrial city now. How will jobs be created if the commercial structures are not increased?" asked Fadnavis.


The Opposition criticised the state government for the illegal structures in Kamala Mills and Raghuvanshi Mills, but Fadnavis said that the additional FSI was granted during the Congress rule.


He said that a separate development control regulation is being prepared for Koliwada and gaothan in Mumbai. About redevelopment of cessed buildings, the CM said that if the building owner does not come forth for redevelopment of old buildings, then a society of tenants can apply for redevelopment after waiting for six months.

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