Home buyers from 11 states form one platform 'RRM Foundation'


Some two lakh buyers of residential and commercial properties have come together to form the umbrella organization RRM Foundation (Radical Realty Media Foundation).  The purpose is to expose the unfulfilled promises and fraud of builders and developers across the Nation and seek to resolve their common issues.  The buyers belong to various strata of society from across 11 states.


These affected buyers, have been individually or in small groups, fighting against 30 major builders that have more than 200 projects that are running way behind their schedule for completion.  The total worth of these projects is more than one lakh crore across states including Uttar Pradesh (UP), Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttrakhand. 


"We are a team of several professional, users and buyers which includes Retired Judges, Senior Advocates, Higher rank Officers of Indian Forces, Educationist and many other respected social workers of society. Now we will fight with these mammoths in very organizing way in the right directions. The culprits will be answered properly with the help of laws and courts," said president RRM Foundation, Mahesh Dutt.


Dutt says that the RRM Foundation is working to unite all the buyers living in urban societies, whose number may be close to 5 crores. Individual buyers do feel intimidated fighting the builders, but a large organization like the RRM Foundation would be able to take on the might of builders and see to it that they deal with their buyers in a fair manner.  The foundation will also try and educate buyers about their rights.


“We were watching this hell very closely since very long. We know that they are big players, their nexus is very strong and everyone whether it's Govt. Officers, Political Parties, State governments and builders are very closely knit and everyone's hands are full of filth," said Dr. Col. Nagrath the President RRM Foundation, Noida Chapter and President Jay Pee Home buyers association.


On the radar of the foundation are the projects of builders including Amrapali, JP, Cosmic, Unitech, Earth Infra, Avalon, Ferrous, NPX, Paramount, Premia, AMR, Supertech, Vigneshwara etc. 


"We want to show people the true face of the Indian Real Estate sector. We want to tell them that the fame and glamour, money and profits that people associate with this sector have only been possible by cheating the buyers" said Mr. Dhruv Sharma, General secretary RRMF

Written by The Realty Paper

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