IT dept attaches 38 benami properties in Jaipur


Post demonetisation the the income tax (IT) department has been diligently working on its data to identify instances where things are amiss.  In its latest move, coming down heavily on benami properties and ambiguous land deals the IT department provisionally attached over 38 properties of a Jaipur-based leading reality group.


The benami property unit (BPU) of the IT department said they have provisionally attached the Manglam group ’s benami lands located in Chaksu, Amber, Sanganer, Shahpura and Jamwa Ramgarh areas of the city. Manglam Build Developers Ltd has projects in Jaipur, Bikaner, Alwar, Jhunjhunu and Goa.


During their searches at the Manglam group, the IT sleuths discovered that lands were allegedly purchased in the name of the company’s SC and ST employees, while the payments were made by the company itself.  Many of these lands were registered in the name of three different persons.


“Out of 38 benami properties which we had unearthed, 26 were in the name of Bihari Lal Meena and located mostly in Chaksu. Two lands in Amber and one in Sanganer were registered in the name of Mangla Ram. Nine properties were found to be registered in the name of Ram Lal Verma, located in Shahpura, Sanganer and Amber areas.


The sleuths said that all these Benami properties were allegedly purchased in the name of the company’s employees and payments were made by the company itself. “These properties are being provisionally attached and further investigation as per the rules are being carried out,” said a senior I-T official.


The sleuths of IT in Rajasthan have unearthed benami properties and bank accounts worth over Rs 1,200 cr in the month of August, which is the highest discovered by the department in the state in recent times.

Written by The Realty Paper

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