Lawyers protest against de-registration of illegal colonies in Ghaziabad


Lawyers and deed writers carried out a protest march to the district magistrate’s office on Wednesday against the latter’s order to stop registries of illegal colonies in the district. They also submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate asking for the order to be withdrawn as it was “not in accordance with the law.”


However, district magistrate Ritu Maheshwari refused to comply and said the ban on registries of illegal colonies would stay.


“The administration’s over-dependence on the GDA-submitted list of so-called illegal and unauthorised colonies backfired when the development agency had to revise the list in which a number of illegal colonies were brought down from 321 to 200,” said Brahmpal Singh Veerbhan, secretary, tehsil bar association. “The reason cited was that the GDA’s list was ambiguous and was bereft of proper addresses and other details pertaining to these illegal colonies. However, the same problem exists in the revised list of 200 colonies. So we demand that the order be taken back,” said Veerbhan.


The protesters also drew the attention to registration manual which clearly says that the stamp and registration department cannot refuse registration of any property as it is not their job to check the validity of the documents brought for registration. “The stamp and registration department or even the district magistrate has not been mandated to scrutinise the validity of documents presented during the time of registries and yet such an order has been passed by district magistrate,” said Veerbhan.


Ever since the order on December 4, the lawyers and deed writers have been on protest and have boycotted the work. 


“The motive of such an order is to check mushrooming of illegal colonies in the city and this is in larger public interest. There is no way the order could be revoked at this stage,” said an official from the district administration.

Written by The Realty Paper

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