Maha govt notifies Mumbai development plan 2034


The state government on Thursday made public its Mumbai Development Plan 2034, when the same was published.  Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta said, “We are taking the last steps to bring the DP into effect. The maps have to be prepared.’’ The plan will come into effect 30 days from now.


Mehta enjoys certain discretionary powers in the newly sanctioned DP 2034 wherein he can do away with reservations or even change a natural area plot to a no-development zone (NDZ) or special development zone (SDZ). 


Municipal chief will now have a say in the decisions on NDZ or SDZ. If a land is shown as a natural area and does not fulfil the criteria set for it, he with, prior approval from the government, can pass an order that the land is NDZ or SDZ.


Another key power given to the municipal chief is that he will give special permission to delete all reservations proposed on the layout recreation ground (RG) plots. A speaking order will be passed, modifying the DP and a copy will be forwarded to the Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra state, Pune, and state government’s urban development department. If the municipal commissioner has found a designation which is not as per site condition and is a draftsman’s error, he has the power to pass a suitable specific speaking order modifying the DP plan and the copy of such order will be forwarded to the urban development department and director of town planning. No officer subordinate has the above mentioned power. The land owner should submit a proposal to the municipal commissioner three months from the date on which the DP comes into force and he can take a decision on it within six months.


The public parking lots (PPL) proposed on partial land or on some floors of residential or commercial buildings on such lands shall be deemed to be deleted. Only those PPLs that have been handed over to the BMC after development by getting its approval will continue to remain as PPLs.


The 30-metre buffer line is shown on DP along the last tracks of railway lines. The deviations on the buffer line will stand corrected by the municipal commissioner.


If the coastal road alignment shown on DP varies, it can be modified. If lands acquired for public purpose in earlier DP of 1991 are changed in the revised DP, then the land reservation will be as per the revised DP.


Wherever boundaries of Gaothans, Koliwadas or adivasi padas are not shown in the DP, they shall be finalised by the revenue department.


The newly sanctioned DP 2034 proposes to earmark new reservations for gardens and playgrounds (PGs) in F (South) ward in Parel. It also deletes some from the plan. Five new parks and gardens and a playground are proposed in Parel and Sewri and one garden and a PG is proposed in Dadar, Naigaon region. In G (South) ward in Worli, a new garden and a swimming pool are proposed to be developed. A recreation ground in Mahim is proposed to be deleted from the DP and reserved for affordable housing. In H (East) ward in Bandra (East) reservation of a PG, RG and municipal school in Kolekalyan village has been deleted.

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