Mumbai builder told to pay 1 cr by ChotaShakeel ‘aide’

Is the much dreaded underworld trying to come back to life in Mumbai? There is evidence to show that this might be true. Recently, a 40-year-old Juhu-based developer approached the city police after he received a ransom call for Rs 10 cr from a person who introduced himself as ‘Faheem’. The city police is trying hard to find out if the caller is Faheem Machmach of the Dawood Ibrahim gang or a new extortionist who is not yet on the police records.


The developer, who resides at JVPD, lodged an extortion complaint on August 3. “On July 27, I had gone to Khar telephone exchange area to get some documents registered when I received a call on my mobile from a number begining with +3444 which showed its country of origin as Spain. The caller said he was Faheem from the ChhotaShakeel gang. He told me that he was aware my construction projects were doing well and demanded Rs 10 cr,” the developer, a father of two, told Juhu police.


The caller threatened the developer saying saying he knew the developer’s residential address in Juhu and his work place at Andheri too and that developer should keep it in mind. The threats did not stop here. On July 31, the man called twice on the developer’s mobile but he did not respondand went to the police instead. Investigators indicated the caller has used an internet calling system. “This is perhaps one of the few cases in recent times where such a huge amount has been demanded. We are yet to establish if it is FaheemMachmach of the Dawood gang (extortion calls and collection are being handled by ChhotaShakeel) or some new person has emerged on the scene,” said an officer.

Written by The Realty Paper

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