Mumbai DP-2034 takes effect from today; internal changes in flats sans BMC nod possible


The much-awaited Development Plan-2034 will take effect from Saturday, though only partially.  This new blueprint was supposed to have come out five years back and was originally meant to be implemented from June 22, but had to be postponed till September 1after several discrepancies were noticed in the sanctioned plan.


The new DP will allow citizens to carry out internal changes in flats without seeking BMC approval, provided they are not structural changes. 


The Sanctioned Modifications and the Development Control and Promotion Regulations(DCPR) will come into force, while the Excluded Plan will take sometime as its DP sheets have not being uploaded on BMC website in time. 


The BMC is expected to soon hold a public hearing for suggestions and objections, thereafter the EP will be finalized. All new plans that have been submitted will now be scrutinized under DCPR 2034. “The regulations have been simplified and incentives given for redevelopment of societies, dilapidated structures and tenanted structures. Slums on open spaces can be redeveloped provided 35% is left as open space,” said Yomesh Rao, member of the Practising Engineers, Architects and Town Planners Association. Architect Vilas Nagalkar said buildings on roads less than 9m wide will find it difficult to redevelop as TDR will not be allowed on plots abutting such roads.


Apart from raising of the overall FSI levels, the infusion of new developable land is a prominent feature of the DP-2034. Targeting construction of 10 lakh “affordable” homes, it has proposed unlocked of 3,734 hectares previously marked as no development zones (NDZs), including some erstwhile salt pans. To “reassert Mumbai’s status as the country’s commercial capital”, a high FSI of 5 has been allowed for commercial developments

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