Now, building law violators in Gurugram to pay demolition cost too


Over 100 property owners in Gurugram who were found by the department of town and country planning (DTCP) to have violated the land use norms, will need to foot the bill for demolition and sealing.


The DTCP, according to sources, will write to the deputy commissioner, urging him to serve recovery notices to the property owners seeking expenses incurred by the agency. This is the first time such a recommendation has been made in the city. Sources said land use violations were found to have committed between 2008 and 2017.


These properties, which are in Sohna, DLF 2, Farrukhnagar and Pataudi, owe around Rs 29 lakh demolition cost to the town planning agency, sources said.


If an owner is found to be violating the land use norms in a property, the department issues a restoration order, asking him/her to conform to the original land use. The department will, as per the norms, will take action on the property — either it will be demolished or sealed — if the owner fails to adhere to the directions. 


“The department has identified 113 properties on which action has been taken. However, the recovery of cost has not been made so far. We will now approach the district administration to record these in the land revenue documents until the dues are cleared,” said Amit Madholia, assistant town planner, Gurugram.


After initiating the action, a demand notice is sent to the owner asking him to pay the expenses. However, according to the official, these 113 property owners have not paid the demolition cost since 2008.


Therefore, according to DTCP, the agency had decided to urge the district authorities to send recovery notices to the people who had violated the rules. The district town planner (enforcement) will write to the deputy commissioner on Thursday seeking recovery of the expenses as the “arrears of land revenue”.


The arrears will be calculated by the registrar, and till the time the amount is recovered, the dues will show up in the property records. As a result, these properties will not be sold or purchased as the deed will not be finalised by the authorities.

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