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Projects with area upto 1.5 lakh square metres in Maharashtra can get green nod locally

All building and construction projects with built-up area of up to 1.5 lakh square metres in urban areas in Maharashtra will no longer require a green approval from the environment and forest ministry.  Local authorities concerned, such as the municipal corporation and the special planning authority, have been delegated the powers to give all such approvals and enforce the environmental conditions.

This step will reduce the time taken for getting the environmental approval for such projects and will also improve the ease of doing business. Maharashtra is now the second state after Delhi where civic bodies will have this delegation of power. The decision comes at a time when the Centre is pitching for improving its ranking in the ease of doing business by the World Bank. The performance of Delhi and Mumbai in accelerating building and construction activity is expected to aid improvement of India’s position in the global ranking.

An order issued by the environment and forest ministry on Friday said: “The environmental clearance for building and construction projects up to 1.5 lakh metres stands integrated with the development control regulation (DRC).”  The regulation for development control is administered by the local civic or special planning authorities in Maharashtra.

The environment ministry order said: “The authority competent to grant the building permission will integrate the environmental clearance conditions in the same order based on the recommendations of the Environmental Cell, following the process as envisaged under the notification.” The authority granting this integrated building permission with environmental clearance conditions will need to ensure that environment norms laid down by the environment and forest ministry are implemented.

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