RWAs in Gurugram oppose registration of fourth floor


Residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) of a number of housing societies of Gurugram, including Suncity, Palam Vihar, South City 1, etc, have come together in opposition against registration of fourth floors as separate units in plotted houses.


As it is, the existing infrastructure — such as water, electricity supply and garbage disposal – is already struggling to meet demands of the current population, and it is anybody’s guess what would happen if the load increases further with the addition of fourth floors getting registered as independent dwelling units. 


RWAs are now planning to meet the chief minister and demand reversal of his announcement, allowing registration of fourth floors, till the status of existing infrastructure is reviewed. Recently, CM Khattar had announced the state government will permit registration of newly-constructed fourth floor as independent dwelling unit. 


“Most of these colonies were developed in the 1980s. The infrastructure was developed keeping in mind occupants of two-and-a-half floors. Now that the government has allowed four floors to be constructed and registered as as independent units on independent plots, how can that infrastructure sustain almost double the load?” asked Sunil Yadav, president, Palam Vihar RWA.


Abhey Poonia, member of Suncity RWA, said residents have spent a lifetime’s savings to build homes, but they were not even consulted before such an important announcement was made. He said only small-time builders will benefit from the move, leaving residents to face the problem of poor infrastructure. “We’ll write to the chief minister asking him to stop registration of fourth floors, till the time infrastructure is upgraded,” he added. 


Most residents of DLF phases 1-4 have been facing power woes due to overload on transformers. They also often complain of water crises, due to lack of underground water storage tanks. “We’re left at the mercy on private tanker mafia for water supply. Also equipment gets damaged due to low or fluctuation voltage, power cuts and other issues,” said a DLF resident. 


“Last year, permission to build fourth floors was granted, even though no resident demanded for this through their RWAs. In the name of helping residents, this was an unethical step to promote small-time builders and brokers, with total disregard for the already poor and deficient infrastructure of plotted colonies in Gurugram,” said Rajeev Kapoor, DLF 1 resident. “Once again, builders and brokers of Gurugram were able to disguise themselves as representatives of common residents of Gurugram to the higher authorities, and had assurance regarding opening of independent sale deeds of fourth floors in Gurugram,” he added.


Sunder Singh of Sushant Lok 1 said the most devastating effect of the opening of fourth floor sale deeds is that these colonies will soon go the Delhi way, with mushrooming growth of builder floors along with the attendant problems of parking space, traffic woes and scarcity of water and electricity.

Written by The Realty Paper

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