Smart city scores: Faridabad is at 95 & Ghaziabad is at 82

The winds of change are indeed visible in Faridabad. As a Smart City, it is ideally positioned to lead the manufacturing Renaissance of Haryana, given its prime geographic and political location. Faridabad unleashed its true entrepreneurial potential and truly became a city of the future. Faridabad made it to the brilliant urban communities list on the grounds that its district had stepped to general incomes and make the municipal office monetarily solid. The reason of acquiring a second position is a responsible on time (June 30) salary paying  Municipal Corporation of Faridabad. Even the salaries have been paid to the retired employees on 30th June.


By aquirig 95 points this smart city proves smart by its efforts to complete its projects on time for the public welfare. Out of four projects under the JnNURM plan, three has been successfully completed. These included fixing up of the sewage structure and sewage treatment meets desires, drainage work in old Faridabad and solid waste organization wander. Karnal was singled out the grounds that it had analyzed financially.


Getting on the other position Ghaziabad scored 82 points. In the overall check on the 20 parameters. The city took 138th among 476 cities in the Swachh Bharat rankings. Ghaziabad is able to make it due its infrastructure development all over. city has started its growth in creating the Metro network from Dilshad Garden to New Bus Stand and has also started work on building an18-km cycle track.  Ghaziabad is on the its way to extend the reasons to be on top by working on the sections like energy conservations, pollution control and eco-sfriendly projects.


The cities like Noida or Greater Noida are in the queue to take the top positions as they are still working on the factors to improve them and be there list. These cities will get better infrastructure, transport network, and plenty of working opportunities.


Gurgaon is not able to take the place in the list as it is still weak in the feeble civil organization. . Gurgaon missed the keen city transport because of its urban chaos and poor nearby administration. It missed out on discriminating focuses as it was not some piece of the JnNURM plan.


NDMC is the selected smart city in delhi. It was the NDMC who send their nominations on time but the competition was amongst the south, east and north MCDs and the NDMC. Since EDMC and SDMC did not send their nominations in time, they were not selected.

Written by The Realty Paper

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