The game of builders and land acquisition authorities over buyers

Have you ever gone through the ‘agreement’ and ‘payment schedule’ of the builders thoroughly ? There is a hidden point in the agreement, which is now visualized in the Noida Extension alias Greater Noida – West area.


The agreements done by the builders in 2010-11 have a section called ‘Payment Schedule’ where a heading saying ‘Top Floor’. Now you may be thinking what this ‘Top Floor’ is! Nobody knows about this term other than the authority, builder and the government. They knew for the fact that the process of land acquisition was illegal and there may be trouble in future. For that reason the term was left unnumbered. The Mayawati government was serving its last tenure and hurried up to end the procedure. The builders too, bought the lands in cheap rates, started constructions and sold to the buyers.


The Goverment Officers didn’t interfere into the matter much and assured the builders that, they will support them in case of court proceedings. The court proceedings can be terminated on humanitarian grounds and the builders will not suffer.


The Land Acquisition Authority has the builders and the government working according to them. Hence, the builder will never face problems. The plan of the builders was not to disclose the number of floors precisely in the agreement because; they themselves didn’t know what would be the exact number of floors before completion of a particular project.


The buyers on the other hand are the prime sufferers who have been waiting for 5 – 6 years now, for their house, giving the interests of the loans as well as living in a rented house. The builders are putting up demands every-now-and-then and there is nobody to listen to their words. I can say that if all the buyers accumulate against the builders then the later will not be able to carry out the wrongdoing anymore.


(The article is based on real evidences and chained altogether) – One among all of you – Vijay Trivedi        



Written by The Realty Paper

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